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The Mid-life Career Review on XtLearn has been created by the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) to disseminate the lessons and resources from the Mid-life Career Review (MLCR) project to careers guidance practitioners who are or will be offering career reviews.

What is a Mid-life Career Review?

A ‘mid-life career review’ is an approach to deliver holistic careers guidance to people in their mid-life (age 45 and over). The Mid-life Career Review project, which is led by NIACE, developed and tested different models of career review for people in this group. Seventeen pilot partners delivered reviews to over 3000 clients aged from 45 to 65. Partners included National Careers Service providers, learning providers and voluntary organisations, as well as Workplace Learning Advocates, Union Learning Reps and Community Learning Champions.

Mid-life Career Review on

Through the Mid-life Career Review project, partners found and developed a range of materials for careers guidance practitioners to use with this age group. The MLCR on XtLearn gathers and organises these resources into collections which can be shared amongst practitioners and adapted to suit the situation and the individual undergoing a review. The collections are arranged under the several pages/headings. Click the links on the left to view them.

There are over a hundred resources available, and these are arranged into convenient collections. Some resources are links to websites while others are PDFs or Word documents. Some resources can be found in more than one collection. If you would prefer to look at all the resources in one list then click on All Resources.

Collections can be passed to colleagues via email, embedded into a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), posted on Facebook or published on a range of other social media platforms.

If you have any queries about the MLCR XtLearn or have any resources you would like to share on the platform then please contact Ljaja Sterland at

If you're new to XtLearn, click the Help menu for an introduction.

Member Organisations
Created by Xtensis ltd.
Xtensis ltd.
NIACEmlcrProject lead
Robin SkelceyTechnical support

Resources related to the older workforce and others in mid-life

Planning to deliver a career review

Resources to support MLCR with individuals

Resources to support MLCR group sessions and workshops

Resources including job search, self employment, volunteering, age discrimination, careers and labour market information and redundancy.

Resources to help with issues related to retirement

Resources to help with money matters including pensions

Resources to help people who may be interested in further learning

Resources to help people assess themselves and their skills

Resources about health, well-being and disability for those in mid-life and beyond

Resources to help people who may have caring responsibilities

This is a global list of all the resources contained in the various collections. You can use these as they are or combine them into your own collections, adding your own resources where appropriate